Balloons Shooter

Get ready for some balloon-popping fun with Balloons Shooter! This online HTML5 game is playable directly in your web browser, whether you're on a smartphone, tablet, or any other device. Your mission is simple: launch the dart and aim carefully to shoot the target and advance to the next level. Each level challenges you to pop three balloons. So, take aim, enjoy the challenge, and see how many levels you can conquer by bursting those balloons!

How to Play: To start the game, click on the big Play icon.


Desktop: Click on the left or right arrow button to move the dagger where you want. Hold the mouse button down and release to fire the dagger.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the arrow buttons to position the dagger where you want. Drag your fingers across the screen to shoot the dagger.

Gameplay: Balloons Shooter is designed with kids in mind, so it's easy to play. Your goal is simple: pop the balloons with your dagger using as few tries as possible. You also need to hit the target, usually at the end of the level. As you advance, you'll encounter obstacles that make it more challenging, so finding the right angle is key to success!


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