Boy vs Zombies

Boy Adventurer faces a new challenge in Boy vs Zombies! Dive into this exhilarating and fast-paced platform scrolling game where the adventure never stops. Navigate through the perilous jungle, collecting coins, stomping on zombies, and dodging fireballs. Defeat enemies by jumping on them, stay alert for obstacles, and ensure your survival in this thrilling quest against the undead and fiery threats!

How to Play: To start the game, simply tap the Play button on the welcome screen.

Desktop: Use the arrow keys to move and jump. Double-tap the up arrow key for a double jump.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the arrow buttons to move and jump. Double-tap the up arrow button for a double jump.

Gameplay: In this endless game, your goal is to keep going and achieve a high score. You start with three lives, and losing a life happens when you get hit by zombies or fireballs. Collect coins along the way to earn extra points.

Enemies: Zombies and fireballs descend from the jungle canopy, approaching you. Decide whether to avoid or stomp on enemies to score points. Surviving each wave earns you extra lives, and with each wave, the platform speeds up!


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