Astronaut Escape

Astronaut Escape is an exciting endless running game set in outer space where players guide a jumping astronaut through various obstacles. Use power-ups to help navigate this thrilling adventure. The game features a retro look with a modern, sleek vibe, making it visually appealing. Playable on both Android and iOS, as well as desktop and mobile devices, Astronaut Escape offers endless entertainment and challenges as you aim to avoid obstacles and keep your astronaut moving. How far can you go in this cosmic journey?

How to play: On the welcome screen, you'll see three buttons. The lower buttons provide links to more games and information about the developer. To start the game, click the large play button in the center of the screen.

Desktop: Use the mouse button to make the astronaut jump. Click repeatedly to make him jump higher.

Touchscreen devices: Tap anywhere on the screen to make the astronaut jump. Tap repeatedly to make him jump higher.

Gameplay: In this classic running platform game, guide the astronaut as he defies gravity in space. The astronaut moves continuously to the right, avoiding asteroids and space debris like equipment boxes. Click or tap repeatedly to keep the astronaut in the air and avoid obstacles. You can move on both the lower and upper parts of the screen. The longer you survive, the higher your score.


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