Dot Fly

Get ready to test your finger tapping skills with Dot Fly! This simple yet challenging game is all about your reflexes and ability to make the white dot move in and out of the semi-circle to get the gold coin. It's a physics-based game that will bring out your competitive side as you try to see how long you can last. Give it a try and see how well you can do!

How to Play: To start, simply click or tap the Play button on the welcome screen. You can also adjust the settings before beginning.

Desktop: Click your mouse to make the white dot fly. Keep clicking to make it higher, and release to let it fall.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the screen to keep the dot flying.

Gameplay: The goal is to keep the white dot flying and collect the gold coin inside the rotating semi-circle. Once you get the coin, you need to exit the semi-circle so a new coin will appear. Then go back in to collect the new coin. Hitting the semi-circle or going off the top or bottom of the screen will cause you to lose. This is an endless high score game with no levels - just see how long you can last!


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