Fruits Splash

Introducing "Fruits Splash" - a fun and tricky game with 30 levels. Your task is to fling the fruits towards spikes to extract their juice. Make sure the juice lands in the matching colored cup to complete each level. Are you ready for this fruity challenge?

How to play: To start the game, click the play button below the game title. Your progress is automatically saved by your web browser. To reset your progress, tap the gear button in the bottom right corner.


Desktop: Use the left click and drag to move the fruit to the spike.

Touchscreen devices: On touchscreen devices, tap and swipe on the screen to move the fruit to the spike.

Gameplay: Levels unlock one after the other. Complete each level to move on to the next. You can replay unlocked levels from the level selection screen.

Objectives: Direct the fruits to the spike by left-clicking and dragging or tapping and swiping. The speed of your movement determines the strength of the throw. Fruits must land on the spike to extract juice. Juice must flow into cups matching the fruit's color. Each fruit gets one throw. To pass a level, all juices must go into the correct cups.


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