Goal Quest

Introducing "Goal Quest," an easy physics soccer game with a twist of complex chain reaction inspiration. Your mission? Guide the football to the goal by using gravity and its natural rolling power. Maneuver through obstacles strategically to pave the way for the ball's journey to success. Timing is key as you remove barriers at just the right moment to ensure the ball follows its intended path. With a selection of 8 footballs to choose from and 20 engaging levels to conquer, Goal Quest offers a fun challenge for all players.

How to play: To begin, tap "Play" to start your journey or "Select Ball" to choose from various options. Your progress will be automatically saved by your web browser, ensuring you can seamlessly resume your adventure whenever you return.

Desktop: Simply left-click on boxes to remove them from the screen.

Touchscreen devices: Tap on the boxes to clear them away. At the top of the screen, you'll find useful controls and indicators such as the star rating, the level number, and a convenient reset button.

Gameplay: Your goal is clear: remove obstacles to pave the ball's path to the goal. Start by clearing the initial block to set it in motion, relying solely on gravity. Strategically clear barriers, create openings and use ramps and springs to guide the ball effectively. Timing is crucial; collect stars for higher scores. With 20 levels to conquer, unlock new ones by completing each and replay as desired. Experiment with different balls for added fun.


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