Impulse Ball 2

It's all in the pulse! Impulse Ball 2 is a thrilling game that combines the essence of golf with maneuvering color balls using impulses to reach their designated holes. Your objective is to navigate all the balls into their respective holes while facing obstacles like thorns that can destroy your colored balls and numerous white ball enemies that obstruct your path through the maze. Set off on a 45-stage minigolf adventure this sequel to Impulse Ball offers an exciting gameplay experience.

How to play: Tap the orange and white button at the center of the welcome screen to access the level select screen. Levels unlock in order, with your progress saved by your web browser. To reset game progress, use the settings button in the lower right corner of the welcome screen.


Desktop: Position the cursor on the screen using your mouse and left-click to trigger an impulse.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the screen near a golf ball with your finger to activate an impulse.

At the top right of the level screen, find buttons to restart the level, go to the level select screen, or return to the game home screen. The bottom center displays the remaining impulse count.

Gameplay: Experience 45 levels unlocked sequentially, allowing unlimited replays upon losing. Replay previously completed levels anytime. The impulse angle determines the ball's direction, with proximity affecting the force applied. Running out of shots or hitting hazards results in replaying the hole. Most levels provide 15 impulses, with some harder levels offering 20 or 30.


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