Lottery Numbers

Experience the thrill of Lottery Numbers, an engaging HTML5 game where players get to pick their lucky numbered tickets and stand a chance to win exciting prizes when the winning numbers are drawn at random. Dive into the anticipation as you choose your numbers, hoping for that perfect match that could lead to big rewards. It's a game of chance where every ticket holds the promise of a potential jackpot. Are you ready to test your luck and see if fortune favors you in Lottery Numbers?

How to Play: To begin the game, click on the Start button on the welcome page.

For Desktop: Use either the left or right mouse button to choose your numbers. Click on the Start button on the lotto draw machine to begin the draw.

For Touchscreen Devices: Tap on the numbers to select your bet. Tap on the Start button on the draw machine to begin the draw.

Gameplay: This is a 6/36 lotto game where you choose six numbers from the 32 available on the board. You can either pick the numbers yourself or click on the Feeling Lucky button for a random selection. Once you've chosen your six numbers, click on the Start button in the center of the lotto drawing machine to start the draw.

Points: The game includes a bonus ball! Match one number to get 50 points, match two numbers to get 100 points, match three numbers for 500 points, four numbers for 1,000 points, five numbers for 10,000 points, five plus the bonus ball for 50,000 points, and all six numbers for 100,000 points. You only get one draw per game!


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