Orbit Path

Orbit Path is a game that needs you to focus and pay attention. The design may look simple, but this obstacle game is anything but simple. There are 5 circular tracks that go around each other. Each track is filled with dots that are orbiting around. Your goal is to go through all 5 circular tracks and reach the very center, while avoiding all the orbiting dots. It may seem easy, but it's actually quite challenging. You'll need to be very careful and precise to navigate through all the orbiting obstacles.

How to Play: To begin, just click or tap the Play button on the main screen. You can also change the settings before you start.


Desktop: Click the mouse button to move your white dot to the next circular track.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the screen to move your white dot to the next circular track.

Gameplay: The game starts with your white dot outside the 5 circular tracks. Your main goal is to get your white dot all the way to the center of the orbiting tracks.
As you jump from one track to the next, you have to avoid the orbiting dots. The dots orbit faster in the inner tracks compared to the outer tracks. If you hit any of the orbiting dots, the game will be over. You'll need to have good timing and reflexes to navigate through all the tracks and reach the center.


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