Sine Platform

Fans of hyper-casual games will love Sine Platform! With its minimalist design and endless gameplay, you're bound to get hooked, especially chasing high scores. Your objective is straightforward: control a white circle to bounce between platforms while avoiding bouncing pentagon obstacles. Collect white dots to score points! Just remember, if the white ball drops, it's game over instantly.

How to play: To begin the game, simply tap or click on the Start button on the welcome screen.

Desktop: Use your mouse button to click and hold, moving the white ball between platforms.

Touchscreen devices: Tap and hold anywhere on the screen to maneuver the white ball between platforms.

Gameplay: The game starts with the white ball bouncing on the initial platform. Click or tap and hold to move it to the next platform, which moves up and down. Timing is crucial. Collect white balls along the way to score points. Avoid bouncing pentagons and missing platforms to stay in the game. Keep playing as long as you can avoid these hazards!


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