Sling Tomb

This addictive game will make a monkey out of you (pun intended). In this endless climbing game, use your slings to help a cute monkey to ascend from peg to peg along a tomb's side. Avoid hazards, collect coins, and gems to unlock new characters.

How to place: To begin the game, tap anywhere on the loading screen. This action opens the in-game store. Select the PLAY button at the bottom to start playing. Use your slings to propel your character upward. Your web browser automatically saves your progress, including coins, gems, character unlocks, and the highest height reached. Above your character, there are two buttons when you restart. The left button offers free coins, while the right button leads back to the in-game store.

Desktop: Use the mouse left click to select your character, set shot strength and angle, then release to fire upward.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the screen to simulate a mouse click.

Game Play: Jump from peg to peg without harm. Blue stationary pegs are common, while some move across the background. Red pegs disappear briefly after use. Encounter spinning blades, arrows, fires, and explosive boxes. Colliding with these hazards results in death. Navigate obstacles like angled pipes, closing pipes, protruding walls, and bouncer pegs. Falling off course leads to a downward descent. Upon death, you retain collected coins but restart the level.

Features: Obtain shield, rocket, magnet, and large gem power-ups. Unlock animals like the bee, shark, spider, dog, and Among Us character. Access facemasks like Mario and Huggy Wuggy.


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