Toto World

Step into Toto World, a classic side-scrolling platformer featuring 20 exciting stages. Guide Toto through dangers, collect 3 keys to unlock treasure chests, gather coins, and dodge enemies. Watch out for pits and spikes, and aim to collect all stars to advance to the next level. Enjoy old-school fun with a nostalgic touch of retro vibes in this thrilling game!

How to play: To start the game, tap the play button at the lower right on the welcome screen to begin. There are also buttons to exit the game, share the game on Facebook, explore other games, toggle music, control sound effects, switch which screen modes.

Desktop: Use arrow keys to move, jump, and slide.

Touchscreen devices: Tap arrow buttons to move, jump, and slide

Gameplay: Unlock levels sequentially. Reach the end, collect keys, avoid enemies. Activate platforms, avoid hazards

Scoring: Earn points from coins and stomping enemies. Points carry over when restarting levels. Health bar indicates hits from enemies. Falling into hazards results in game over.


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