Destroy Only Tanks

Destroy Only Tanks is a casual game where your main goal is to destroy all the enemy tanks. It's a simple tower shooting game, but you need lightning-fast reflexes to switch between corners as tanks will attack from multiple directions at the same time. The game features a shop system where you can buy stronger towers to boost your defense. Stay alert and see how long you can survive the tank onslaught. Play on any device and test your quick thinking and rapid response skills!

How to Play: On the welcome screen, you'll see three prominent buttons. Tap or click the Play button to start the game. Select the Shop button to buy tower upgrades. To explore other games by this developer, tap or click the More Games button. You can share the game via various social media links at the bottom of the welcome screen.

Desktop: Click anywhere on the screen to move your tower to the next corner in a clockwise direction.

Touchscreen devices: Tap anywhere on the screen to move your tower to the next corner in a clockwise direction.

Gameplay: You control four corners, placing one tower in a corner at a time. To move your tower, click or tap the screen, and it will shift clockwise. For example, to move your tower from the upper left corner to the lower right corner, you'll need to click or tap twice. As you shoot down tanks of varying sizes, you earn game dollars, which can be used to buy tower or turret upgrades from the shop. The challenge is to last as long as possible before a tank hits an undefended corner. Tanks will continuously spawn from the center and move towards your corners, making it increasingly difficult to defend all four corners simultaneously.


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