Fast Color

Fast Color is a hyper-casual HTML5 mobile game designed for both Android and iOS platforms. Test your reaction speed and color recognition skills in this addictive challenge. Simply tap on the lighter color on the screen to score points. As the game progresses, the pace quickens, offering an ever-increasing challenge. This simple yet engaging gameplay is accessible to everyone, though it may pose an extra challenge for players with color perception differences. How fast can you react to the colors? Dive into Fast Color now and find out!

How to play: Start the game by tapping or clicking on the big Play icon on the welcome screen.

Desktop: Use your mouse to click on the area with the lighter color.

Touchscreen devices: Tap on the part of the screen where the lighter color is.

Gameplay: In each round, a lighter shade of color appears in one of the four corners. Your life bar, displayed at the top of the screen, decreases rapidly, so you must tap the lighter color to stay alive. Keep your reflexes sharp to survive as the game progresses!


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