One Hand Cowboy

Unleash the gunslinger in you! In One Hand Cowboy, you play a sheriff tasked with maintaining peace in the Wild West. Your mission is to use your sharp shooting skills to hit targets across 12 intense levels. With limited ammo, you'll need to carefully aim and time your shots to overcome the action-packed gunfight challenges. Demonstrate your quick reflexes and marksman abilities in this concise yet engaging Western-themed game.

How to Play: To begin your wild west adventure, click the big "Play" button on the welcome screen. Here, you can also toggle the music and widescreen functions. After that, you'll be directed to the "Select Level" page, which has 12 levels to play.

Desktop: Hold the left mouse button to aim. Release the mouse button to fire the shotgun.

Touchscreen Devices: Tap and hold the screen to aim the shotgun. Release your fingers to shoot.

Gameplay: The goal is to shoot targets. Aim precisely—hitting targets with fewer bullets earns more points and unlocks higher levels. Take your time for accurate shots. Moving targets require extra focus. Consecutive hits significantly boost your score, so make every shot count. With 12 levels of sharpshooting action, you'll surely enjoy its simple but intuitive gameplay experience!


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