Pong Circle

This game is inspired by the classic Pong game, but with a twist—you play against yourself! In Pong Circle, enjoy minimalistic graphics and easy gameplay suitable for everyone. Control the paddle by tapping the screen to move it around the circular arena and keep the ball inside. Your objective is to maintain the ball in play for as long as possible. Aim to hit the ball near the middle of the paddle for better control and more reaction time. Challenge yourself to beat your own record and see how long you can keep the ball bouncing within the circle. Remember, just one miss ends the game, so stay focused to achieve a high score!

How to play: Simply click or tap anywhere on the welcome screen. If you prefer full-screen mode, you can toggle the full-screen button located at the bottom of the welcome screen.

Desktop: Control the paddle using the left and right arrow keys to rotate it.

Touchscreen devices: Use your fingers to move the paddle as you would with a mouse. Tap the left side to move clockwise and the right side to move counterclockwise.

Gameplay: You start on a circular track where the paddle, a section of the circle, moves around. The ball remains at the center of the circle, moving randomly in various directions. Your goal is to maneuver the paddle to intercept the ball. Keep repeating this process to prolong your gameplay. Be cautious, though—losing the ball once results in the game over as you only have one life.


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