Rope Dude

Rope Dude: You are going to drag the mannequin to ruin with all kinds of clever tools in this game. From arrows to lasers, or even deadly spinning spiked disks, the idea is to strike in a tactical manner. Cut the ropes in the correct sequences and watch your target crumble under the force of the unleashed traps.

Rope Dude could not have simpler, more self-descriptive controls: just clicking or tapping on the screen to cut ropes. The cuts have to be planned; every cut you do has an effect on how the mannequin is interacting with the traps. The more destruction you bring, the further you continue through levels full of ever-increasing, complex puzzles. Rope Dude's not just cutting ropes blindly but must be carrying a sort of strategy. Examine properly every scene before making a move. Some of these traps will work best when running together with some others, while others would make a really good standalone unit. Try different combinations for maximum damage.


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