Neon 360

Neon 360 is a straightforward yet super tough physics-based game. It's like a "hard Jump game" where the gravity spins all around, making it tougher as you go. As you progress, the challenge ramps up, keeping you hooked and testing your skills amidst the vibrant neon-lit background.

How to play: Simply tap or click on the play icon to start the game.


Desktop: Use your mouse button to click on the screen and make the ball bounce.

Touchscreen devices: Tap on the screen to make the ball bounce.

Gameplay: While the design looks smooth and simple with its minimalistic appearance and neon-colored lines, don't be fooled – this game packs a serious challenge. It's all about mastering gravity and honing your tapping or clicking skills. Your journey begins with a circle where your ball resides. Inside, there are panels to avoid as your ball navigates the circle. Once you complete a lap, the inner circle starts rotating, making it even trickier. Each lap earns you a point!


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