Games For Children

Games for Children is an ideal game for young kids who haven't started pre-school yet! It helps them practice recognizing shapes, counting numbers, and learning the alphabet. With three educational game modes to choose from, it offers a fun and engaging way for little ones to develop important skills while playing. Optimized for touchscreen gadgets, it's also playable using a mouse on a desktop. Enjoy this game on both Android and iOS devices!

How to play: On the welcome screen, choose from three game options: a triangle shape for a shape game, a number 1 for a counting game, and an A for a fruit naming game. Click or tap on your chosen game to start.

Desktop: While optimized for touchscreen devices, you can use your mouse to drag shapes or fruits or click the correct number.

Touchscreen devices: Tap and drag shapes or fruits or tap the correct number to play.


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