Path Control

The concept is quite simple: guide a ball down a number of revolving platforms and other obstacles to a pocket below. But don't let that simple idea deceive you into believing it is all simple! The ball sits on top of a turning platform: the goal is to keep it balanced in place, slowly guiding its way right and left by turning the platform. Mind you, you do never want the ball to drop into the void below! In this regard, some spinners are even included in the platforms for maneuvering around, and a few more advanced gimmicks are part of the offering, but hey, you'll get the hang of them with practice. If you really dare, and you are quite sure you might be able to rise up above becoming a master of Path Control, then what have you got to lose? Roll with it!

When you first start the game, rotate the starting platform by using your arrow keys or tapping on either left or right on your screen. You will have to be strategic with your turns, guiding the ball towards the pocket and not into the void below. For each new level, a new challenge will be represented, over which you shall have to keep a focused mind with your best strategy to win. So let’s get started and see if you have what it takes to master Path Control!


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