Blastman is a straightforward online platformer game inspired by Mega Man. Robots have taken over Zero City, so it's up to the cyborg hero Blastman to take them out. Move through the 6 fun levels, shooting the enemy robots and ducking to dodge their attacks. Collect coins and gems as you go for extra points. But watch out for the various traps scattered throughout the levels! Your goal is to clear each stage by defeating all the robots. It's a simple yet challenging game that Mega Man fans are sure to enjoy.

How to play: On the welcome screen, select Play at the bottom left to start. Select Story at the bottom right to learn the game's background. Note: Your browser won’t save your progress. Complete the game in one go.

Desktop: To move, use the A/D keys or left/right arrow keys. To jump, tap on the W key or up arrow key. Tap the S key or down arrow key to slide. Attack all you want by tapping on the L or X keys.

Touchscreen devices: Move, slide, jump: Arrow buttons on the bottom left corner. Tap on the shoot button in the bottom right corner to attack.

Gameplay: Collect coins (100 points each) and find all 3 gems to open the exit door. Shoot enemies to defeat them, ducking to avoid their fire. Manage limited health by avoiding traps and enemy contact, and restore health with hearts. Use boxes as platforms, and elevators to reach higher areas, and avoid traps like spikes, lasers, flamethrowers, crushers, and spinning blades. Levels unlock sequentially; complete one to unlock the next. Monitor health, gems, and points on the top left, and use the speaker and pause buttons on the top right.


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