Bouncing Ball

Here's a hyper-casual game that will get your adrenaline running! Bouncing Ball is an HTML5 mobile game where you control an energetic ball that keeps bouncing endlessly. Guide the white ball as it climbs upward, using platforms to catapult itself to the next one. This simple yet exciting game challenges you to keep the ball bouncing and avoid obstacles. Perfect for quick entertainment, Bouncing Ball will keep you engaged with its straightforward but thrilling gameplay.

How to play: To begin, click the large play icon at the center of the welcome screen. Toggle the music on or off by clicking the icon in the lower right corner. Your top score will be shown at the top of the screen.

Desktop: Use your left mouse button to guide the bouncing ball to the next platform.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the screen to guide the bouncing ball to the next platform.

Gameplay: This endless game challenges you to guide a bouncing white ball upwards using disappearing platforms. The goal is to ascend as high as possible without missing a platform and falling off the screen. As you progress, the pace quickens, demanding quick and careful reactions to keep the game going.


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