Flipper Pinball

Flipper Pinball is an action-packed game that tests your reflexes. The objective is to keep the ball in play for as long as possible. Once you release the ball, it will start bouncing around the screen, especially off the wall at the bottom. This is the wall you need to focus on guarding - if the ball gets past it, the game is over. The ball will be moving quickly as it bounces, so you'll need to be ready with your fingers on the controls. At just the right moment, you'll need to click to close the square and stop the ball from escaping. It's a fast-paced challenge that requires split-second timing to successfully keep the pinball in the play area.

How to Play: Just click or tap the Play button on the main screen. And before you jump in, you can also adjust the settings to your liking.


Desktop: Click the mouse button to change the bottom wall and make it solid.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the screen to change the bottom wall and make it solid.

Gameplay: You begin with a white dot inside a rectangle. Once the countdown ends, the game starts and the white dot will start bouncing off the four walls of the rectangle. Your goal is to make sure the bottom wall is solid when the white dot hits it. Clicking the mouse or tapping the screen will turn the bottom wall from a dashed line into a solid line. But be careful, the solid line quickly goes back to being dashed after you click. Tap or click at just the right moment to keep the ball in play. But if the wall is dashed when the ball hits, the game will be over.


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